Bastards and Bloggers…

Just got finished reading a story on FoxNews that disgusted me. It’s about this lame ass excuse for an American who fled to Canada the moment he realized he was headed into Iraq. He first tried to flee prior to being sent to Afghanistan, and once a tour in Iraq became inevitable he ran for his pansy little life. I’m sure he didn’t have a problem siphoning American dollars into his pocket for pay and education, the moment it came time to fulfill the deal, he ran quoting enough cliché about the war to make even the New York Times fear covering it. I’m serious folks, if you have absolutely no desire to go to war, don’t join the military. There are other ways to fund your trip to any bastion of Leftist ideaology otherwise known as one of America’s fine learning institutions, without disgracing your country, the men and women who wear the uniform, and making an absolute fool of yourself. People who desert deserve just one thing, a double tap to the back of the head with the bill for time and equipment going to the family.

Canada Denies Refugee Status to U.S. GI

As for those Canadian f*cks, who are they gonna run to the moment something blows up in Montreal? Sure as hell won’t be the French.

Last but not least, what the f*ck happened to Free Speech? I just read that my right to blog here almost evaporated due to my propensity to support the Republican party from these pages. Why? Campaign Finance Reform. Why the hell was the legislation even attempted!? I tell ya, with places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia delving into Democracy, the last bastions of fasicm in this country (otherwise known as the courts and their Liberal supporters in Congress) are going out of their way to eviscerate our freedoms. It’s bad enough that due to the FCC I can’t listen to Opie & Anthony, or soon Howard Stern without paying extra, now my simple right to express myself online is threatened. All you blue-state f*ckers and blue voters can kiss my ass. If you want to live in a country where everyone thinks like you, move to China. Communism seems to be working well for them, of course if it wasn’t we’d never hear about it anyhow. Perfect blue-world.

Bloggers narrowly dodge federal crackdown

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