Moonbats makes me laugh…

I tell ya folks, when the Left isn’t in power, they provide some of the best entertainment you will ever hope to find. I’ll hand it to them, they know how to make me laugh. Case in point? “Sam Klimery” (I could make a f*cking childish comment at this point, but I digress). ‘Ol Sam created a little device which when installed onto any cable line, will disable the television’s ability to display the Fox News channel. Now folks, I’ve been witness to the Left’s propensity to silence or shout-out opposition instead of actually providing a valid argument, and this is nothing new. The fact that he’s created this device, and actually gotten nearly 100 disgruntled Kerry voters to buy it, is simply amazing. I mean seriously, how hard is it to change the channel? Is it so hard for a moonbat just to hit the clicker without government subsidizing it? Apparently, the guy has no problem with left-wing bias in the media, but say something nice about GW or our troops…SILENCE! If Mr.Klimery could create a device capable of blocking faked memos (check the bottom of the article for some wonderful backpeddling), he’d truly be helping his party instead of just cashing in on its lowest common denominator ala Michael Moore or even Dan Rather.

Device lets you out-Fox your TV

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  1. Highlander says:

    Yea, I need a device that blocks a particular channel because my TV inexplicably forces me to watch FoxNews as soon as I turn the TV on and my remote won’t let me change the channel.

    Apparently, liberals forgot to read the section of the instructions that came with their TV set regarding the CHANNEL button. Or maybe they are secretly addicted to watching Fox and are trying to break the habit?

    Personally, I would like a filter that blocks liberally-biased news so I don’t have to see it all the time, but that would pretty much block most all the channels except Fox.

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