…and I take a flying leap into 2005.

Finally got this frikkin ‘blog’ software installed. I’ve been doing this weblog stuff since before it was called “Everything/Nothing” or “blogging.” I’m probably one of the last holdouts who used ‘notepad’ to keep the page updated. Anyhow, I’m slowly going to be integrating my old archives, poetry, etc… into this new format, while further customizing it to my needs. As you can see, like other blogs, you can now add comments and such. Feel free to comment on my posts, poetry, etc.. as I proceed with the migration to “Moveable Type.”

Anyhow, tonight I’m going to QXT’s down in Newark to get my drink and dance on. Hopefully I’ll shake this Godforsaken headache before I head out. Nothing like blaring music to cure a headache.

I had planned on a sweet April Fool’s prank for the site, but it’s going to have to wait until next year… Had too much work to do lately to fully plan out and execute my prank.

In the mean time, If anyone can find a copy of the new Terri & John album, “Twitching, moaning, and staring to the oldies,” let me know!

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