The :30 minute brake job…hooray!

Its gonna take some getting used to the time-change. It’s quarter after 6…just finished the laundry list of errands for the day, and its sunny out… Warm even. Not sure why this seems so weird… I’ve been through this 25 times so far… Just feels like I’m waking up from a dream.

Anyhow. Finished that brake job with the right rotors today, took all of ½ hour to re-compress the calipers, swap in the new rotors, and get it all back together again. Only 2 real snags, first was that my floor jack decided to punch a hole in the driveway… Second was having to depend on my rolling hydraulic jack instead of the bottle-jack, so we had no real place to mount the jack-stand for the drivers side brakes. So much for the ‘2 ton jack’ anyhow, we tried jacking the truck up by the pumpkin, but it was too much for the jack to handle. Truck only weighs 1.5 tons, so it should have worked. Goooo NAPA!

Some of the roads up here are still flooded out, most have returned to general mediocrity. I hear Port Jervis is still underwater though, glad I never got an apartment out there.

Picked up “Fight Night 2004” and “Outlaw Golf 2” both are pretty damned entertaining, especially FN2K4, nothing like turning someone’s face into hamburger over, and over, and over again.

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