Well last night was fun… I’ve got a friend over, and we’re both seeing stuff in the mirrors, but not saying anything about it. Then I’m going to bed, and I can hear footsteps in the attic (nothing up there) then I feel something pushing on my head (on all sides, yet pushing it into the pillow). Tonight I get home from the diner, the heat is blasting downstairs, I get upstairs and its cold like the windows are open. I guess Spring has sprung for the ghosts here too… Never seen any of them THAT active tho, let alone actually felt them. Gave me the eebiejeebies.

Definitely enjoying the weather though, all of the flooding in my area has subsided and it was up near 70 today, so I was kickin’ it with the moonroof open. I need to clean the car out and do some work on it tho. I found out the timing belt doesn’t need to be changed until 100K, so the only immediate maintenance plans are an oil change and a brake job. I’ve got some rust spots on it (bubbling under the front lip of the hood as well) that I need to take care of… I’m getting some quotes on a paint job, tentative plans are to paint it Intense blue (same color as the Viper GTS) with some white Viper style racing stripes. The car deserves to be freshened up, she’s taken pretty good care of me so far, about time I return the favor.

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