Got up early this morning (6am) and clicked on the television. Apparently the Pope’s funeral has been on the air since 4am… So I’m going through the channels, and every channel is covering it except for…

The fucking religious channel. Instead there’s some guy in a $2,000 suit telling me Jesus said to send him more money.

Wasn’t that great a suit. Mine cost $500, looks much nicer. Ass.

God hates you.

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One Response to Irony…?

  1. Pam says:

    Hey Darling! Like how you made it so I can leave comments right on your site. Then every one can will know all about your insanely hot blonde friend in California who also happens to be in the United States Navy, and a cop to boot! Speaking of cops, I think there is another post I need to leave a comment on. Anywho, I’m just sitting here at work in the armory not doing too much, listening to Kenny Chesney (can you believe that little ole Type O Negative fan me has not listened to anything but country for well over a month?). Starving too death, but I can’t go eat cause the investigators have to download still…Okay, I love you lots and I’ll talk to you soon!

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