C’est La Moonbat

In my personal experience, a fair number of the folks I meet are unabashed Liberals. Going by the results of most elections in the past 10 years, I can fully understand why they are so…disheveled. I really try not to hold it against them, but I can’t help but laugh at a minority of people clutching at straws, clinging to ideas that are older than the clips on George Washington’s wig. Seriously, when was the last time anyone heard an original idea proposed by a Liberal? 99% of what I hear on a daily basis is nothing but obstructionist garbage. Every opportunity to make a positive difference in our society is wasted with a flailing attempt to stick it to the Republicans. They keep losing elections, can’t figure out why, so they obstruct the Judiciary to keep it stacked with activist judges who use the Constitution as a seat cushion. I can’t blame Liberals for being misguided, they can’t even identify with themselves half the time. Me? I am a Conservative Republican. It’s what I am, what I believe. So I go along with every idea of my party, right? Nope. Liberals on the other hand call themselves Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, Moderates, Independents (yes, I’m including you so called Independents) or they simply decline to comment afraid to face the cold and hard reality that they’re better off doing stand-up comedy than political commentary. They come off like the ‘alternative’ to the evil rich Republicans, when reality they’re just another political machine which is hungry for power and will say just about anything to get it.

Of course, I already know this. It’s why my party keeps winning. 🙂

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