God is a small price to pay.

In a move that’ll likely have Moonbats around the country dancing a jig of glee… Some idiot in the Principals office at a school in Colorado decided to eviscerate God from the Pledge of Allegiance and replace the word with “your belief system.” Now folks, I’ve discussed this many times before, there is no place in the US Constitution where there is a single mention of a “Seperation of Church and State.” The line is actually culled from a writing of Thomas Jefferson, and invoked anytime a Moonbat feels like picking on people with common sense or a firm grasp of reality. There’s nothing wrong with believing in a higher-power at all, unless you’re attempting to slowly shave away freedom from the heart of our society. Our nation was built on the belief that our liberty is given to us by a higher power, God, Allah, etc… When that is gone, when God has been eliminated from that equation, anyone can step in and say with little incredulity “I gave you freedom, or your freedom comes from the Government.” Moonbats think nothing of it, they think they’re sticking it to the establishment, that they’re being anti, that they’re getting back at all those little Goddies. In reality all they’re doing is paving the way for tyranny. Mark my words folks, the last day God is spoken, is the last day we all speak in freedom, whether you believe or not.

Altered Pledge of Allegiance stuns students

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