Decided to go to Burger King for a breakfast sandwich today, instead of the Sausage Croissandwich staple, I decided to try their new Western Omelette Croissandwich. My friends, when I tell you not to waste your time on something, I mean it. Don’t waste your time on this. All the thing is, is a Ham croissandwich (not even the thicker cut of ham that a normal one has, but a slice like you’d find on sub) plus onions. THAT’S NOT A FUCKING WESTERN OMELETTE! A real western omelette has Peppers and onions, AND THEY’RE IN THE EGG, NOT ON TOP OF IT. Fucking corporate scum. Oh yea, and has anyone else noticed how they’ve been increasing the size and doubling up the servings of their breakfast sandwiches? If I survive the morning with this mass of rotting meat and egg product in my stomach, I vow to *never* waste my time there again.

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