Oh spare me. They shoulda shot her.

I really have no sympathy for this moron. She’s 30, she’s diabetic, and she’s complaining that Police beat her up. A motorist first called police to report an erratic driver, who proceeded to try and outrun police. When police got beside her car, she floored it, eventually flying across a yard and into a tree. After the accident, Police still had no idea what was going on, they smashed out her window and pulled her from the car. I’ll put money down that this woman will sue the Police. From the story:

’She said she understands police have a dangerous job but doesn’t know how they could react that way without more facts in hand. “That hopefully they’ll be more attentive and pay more attention to the clues.”’

Boo fucking hoo. She’s 30. She’s been a diabetic most of her life. She knows how to treat it. It’s her fault that this happened, not the Police. She should be sued for gross negligence. What if she had killed someone? “Oh, I’m sorry your child is dead, but I’m diabetic.” If you’re not responding to Police trying to pull you over, in all likelihood you’re trying to run from them for one reason or another. I don’t see how or why anybody should feel sorry for this idiot.

Diabetic driver talks about incident

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