Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi craves not these things…

So this week has been fucking ludicrous. First the situation on Monday. Then last night I’m at the gym, doing pretty well, and my right hand starts throbbing. Mind you, I’m at the point where the top-level of my bench-press is 170-190lbs. I haven’t done this well or looked this good in awhile. Last time I was headed in this direction, I ended up with a severe case of tendonitis in my right hand, which essentially put me out of commission as far as weight lifting and made going to the gym a joke. I’m not going to go just to do cardio, I wanna drop some fuckin’ plates. So I figure I’ll get some workout gloves, maybe they’ll help.
I picked up Fight Night Round 2 as well as Midnight Club 3, haven’t had much of a chance to play them much yet cos I’ve been so busy. So far Midnight Club 3 is a vast improvement in the series, I won’t say it surpasses NFSU2 just yet. The graphics are decent, a little more pixilated than I’d prefer, but the handling is vastly improved. That and I can start out with an SRT-4 while listening to the new NIN single, so I can’t complain too much. Fight Night Round 2 I’ve been playing for a bit now as a rental, it is an overwhelming improvement to the first game in just about every facet. However I do find the fighter-creation maybe a little too complicated now. I like the idea that if I spent the time I could re-create an actual person in the game, but there should be a simple set of options available as well. I also like the fact that the opponents don’t give up so easily. The graphics are as close to photorealistic as I have seen on the Xbox, the soundtrack again disappoints as it fails to allow any customization. I’m sorry, but if my fighter is a tall skinny white guy with a Mohawk, I want to enter to some Pantera, not Lil Jon. I did squeeze in watching Blade 3 Trinity last night, which was a good movie as long as you can forget how good the first one was. I feel they went a little too far on the comic relief, and there were far too many plot holes. IE, if Dracula never had to evolve, then why can he split his face open like the vampires in the 2nd Blade movie? Overall it was a good movie, it just could have been done much better. I wouldn’t buy it, but a $3 rental isn’t out of the question.
On my way out last night, I hit an ATM and just about had a heart attack when my savings account was significantly SHORT. My checking was just as short. Apparently my bank did an upgrade to their systems without a fallback plan, or any plan whatsoever, they managed to kill the Internet banking, bill pay, as well as fuck up the ATMS. I can get money, but the balance reported is wrong. Assholes.
Last night I’m heading home from the supermarket and there is torrential downpour/thunderstorm ripping through northern Jersey. I’m on my way in to Glenwood, doing about 45mph in the rain, and before I have a chance to slow down for the 30mph zone, I hit about 2 inches of packed hailstones. The car proceeds to go sideways, but miraculously I kept it on the road long enough to get control. I can’t imagine what it must have looked like when the hail was falling though… Glad I missed it.
I leave for work today, and whatever roadwork they were doing yesterday AT RUSH HOUR they decided to do today AT RUSH HOUR. I get to the end of my road and there is a line of cars extending towards the quarry. Easily a 30 minute wait. I ended up late to work yesterday cos of these assholes. So I spin the car around and take the long way, only to get stuck behind a fucking schoolbus. What the hell is with parents DRIVING THEIR KID TO THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY OR THEIR STREET so they can catch the bus? Shit, I had to walk half a mile to my bus stop regardless of weather or the fuckhead bully that was waiting for me. No wonder the kids today are such fucking pussies. So I manage to get past the bus and make it to work…15 MINUTES FUCKING LATE AGAIN.
Then today, I’m working under a desk at the office, proceed to get out from under it just enough to ram my head through a drawer and nearly bend the desktop. Hooray for another concussion. Got to fill out my first accident report too!
Can the weekend start now? Please?

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