To hell with this week.

Lets sum up the week, shall we?

Monday: Server crash at office during business hours. Repair doesn’t go as planned, takes 3 hours to restore.
Wednesday: Nearly total my car in Glenwood, NJ after I catch up with a hailstorm while doing 45mph and hit 2 inches of packed hail on the road.
Thursday: Put my head through a desk drawer and crack a desktop, get a minor concussion and get to fill out my first accident report.
Friday: Go to the club with friends, quickly get aggravated and leave severely pissed off. Want a sandwich, but A&P in West Milford is closed for renovation. Dickhead in a Neon decides to pass me in 30 zone and then I am forced to display just how slow his car is. Pick up the sandwich and a drink at the gas station in Warwick, have a local cop watch me on the way out. Dunno what was going on in the place but he was standing in the back corner watching people at the counter.
Saturday: Wake up late cos of staying out till 3, go to see one of my favorite local bands play… Get there, pay the $2 cover at the door… Maneuver my way past the small stage and turn around to watch them perform… Wookie looking bastard tells me “2 bucks” and points at the can in front of the stage like I purposely didn’t pay the cover despite the guy at the door and all the signs around the place that said ‘2 Dollar Cover.’ Mind you, I’ve been to every local show this band has had in the past 2 or 3 months, so where this guy gets off thinking I would skip on the cover is beyond me. I tell him “Paid the guy at the door, THANKS.” After that short exchange he proceeds to stand ‘in my bubble’ and at one point where he and a friend of mine are trying to see how much one of those video trivia machine costs to play, I hand a quarter over and he smacks it out of my hand. My friend picked it up and handed it back to me, but at that point I decided to leave before I made a scene. I tell ya, this ‘being the bigger person’ has its limits. I think I just need to drop someone on occasion. You know, for the kids.

I’m officially writing this week off.

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  1. Sarah Morr says:

    Sam OMG I’m sorry to hear yer evening went shitty… and I CAN’T believe Dom treated you like that… You have to excuse him though, he’s usually under the influence of something and forgets. I’m sorry though, I was wondering where you disappeared to without saying GOODBYE! Thanks for comin out though, you rock man!! I’m an insomniac tonight, so is Stephanie. Yeah so Stephanie… you guys seemed real buddy buddy hehehe;) I’m just teasin ya, good luck! ttys =)

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