Ok, thats the 2nd week that sucked.

Ok, what is with this whole week sucking thing!? Can we be done with it please? This is the 2nd week in a row which has almost completely SUCKED. The highlight was yesterday when I had to go to our NJ datacenter and install some new servers. For starters, the guy behind the counter (the security guy, Punjab The Slow) lived up to his nickname. Not only is he slow, but nearly deaf. I had to repeat everything, he’d only hear me when I said it extremely loud. I love how they had no CLUE what rack was ours, asking me repeatedly if I remembered where it was. So after wasting a good 30-45 minutes there, I finally get my equipment inside and start to prep the rack for the new servers. Turns out the rails for our Dell servers don’t fit the APC rack at the datacenter. So I try to use the more generic IBM rails. Those rails had a slight indentation which prohibited me from sliding the dell servers into it. Mind you, I’m finding this out by holding a 75lb server up over my head for 10 minutes trying to fit it in. Next plan, flip the rails over, and place the server on the upside-down rails. That didn’t work as the base of the server wasn’t wide enough, but was too wide to allow the top part of the server (server was shaped like a big wide T, couldn’t rest it on the base, so I tried resting it on the top lip of the chassis) to fit in. So then plan C, I grab the old servers, space them in the rack so the new servers can rest on top of them, then install the servers like that. It worked, ideally not the best solution, but it will hold me over until Dell gets me the right parts. So by that point, my shoulders are killing me from holding these damned servers up over my head, I’m starving, and I just want to get back up to the office so I can finish up my shit and head home. I get out of the datacenter, back on to 3 West, and hit bumper to bumper traffic for at least an hour. I don’t like driving aggressively but when I need to get somewhere I will… I heard on the radio that “emergency repairs” were being performed and 2 of the 3 lanes were closed, thus the traffic jam. Thing I don’t get is, you’re all stuck, if you try and signal to get over a lane people will close the gap on you. If you force your way in, they flip out. My trick is to just find an opening just big enough for them to stop and me to get my nose in, and jam the nose of the Dodge in between the cars. Then they’re pretty much stuck. So after hearing that the lanes were closed, I got into the right lane as soon as I could. Some old morons saw me move and were looking and saying shit, I tried to tell them that the lanes were closed but the idiots ignored me. So I managed to move through the standstill and catch another one. Then I managed to make a wrong turn, 17N beared right with 2 lanes, and 1 lane went off to 46. I ended up driving straight into a diner parking lot. I sat there for a minute waiting for an opening, then floored it back onto 17. So I get onto 17, I’m pissed, and then I see it… IKEA. The only saving grace of my day would be a glass-topped coffee table that won’t set me back a days pay. The place was HUGE, an entire store the size of the frikkin Galleria mall. I was there 5 minutes and found a coffee table, 10 minutes later I found a kitchen island with huge fucking drawers, 15 minutes later the car was loaded and I was on my way…LOST AGAIN, FUCK. Followed the signs for 17N which miraculously disappeared and left me on 4W. I ended up on 208 and eventually 287, managed to get back to the office around 6:30, finishing up what I had to and getting home by 7:30. I tell ya, port wine sangria can make everything go muuuuch smoother.

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