1 more weekend, please?

This weekend went too damned quick for my liking. Starting with my Friday night being rudely interrupted, it just seemed that every day decided to outrun me. I’m sure drinking and playing video games had something to do with speeding up the whole process, but just the same… Why the Hell does it have to be 10pm on a Sunday already? Best part is, I need to be in to work around 6am tomorrow so I can get some pre-opening stuff done, so I’m rapidly approaching a total write-off of the month of May. Still debating whether to take the first or last week of July off. Normally I grab the first week, either way I need to call ahead and get a room on the beach somewhere. If I can go 1 full week without touching a keyboard it’ll be outstanding. I remember how nice it was when I was in San Diego, not so much that I was in somewhere new, just that I didn’t have to use a friggin computer the whole time I was there.

I tell ya, my aggravation levels are starting to peak yet again. Mainly its just work, work, work. I don’t have much fun right now. Drinking and playing video games are just pastimes. I think one of the reasons I’ve been spending so long at the gym lately (in the area of 2 to 2.5 hours) is just that it lets me release all the frustration and…GAH that I pent up over the course of 8+ hours every day. I think I’m going to pick a day this week and climb the vista. No, not hike it, I’m just going to go straight up the son of a bitch like I did last time… Only this time I’ll be wearing boots, jeans, and a t-shirt instead of sneakers, shorts, and a fucking dress shirt. Last time I managed to beat my friends up to the top by about 20 minutes due to getting lost half-way up and just climbing. Plus there’s always the opportunity to lose my footing and cartwheel head first into a jagged rock… YEEHAH!

That and I’ve discovered the down-side to my awesome new glass coffee table. YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING ON IT. I invested in a new bottle of Windex and paper towels for it. I was playing Forza for a few hours and just watched the little specs of dust land… bastards.

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