Was a beautiful day out… Spent most of it working before the sun came up at my company’s remote data site. Unfortunately, if I have to do anything which might affect the production environment, I have to perform the task after hours… Tack on an hour’s drive and websites that need to be available most of the 24 hour day, that makes the job even more fun… haha. Got out of work around 1 and headed to the gym. Mind you I was only working on about 4 hours of sleep so I’m stunned I managed to pull off a full workout. Gotta love sugar-free Red Bull. 10 Calories and it gets me wired. Still managed to crash around 4:30, just woke up a little while ago with one jackhammer of a headache. Maybe I was dehydrated, who knows. Still some daylight left, not sure what I want to do now. Maybe hit the diner *shrug*.

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