XBox 360 on the way…

Just caught wind off /. that the Xbox 360 was revealed last night on MTV. I can not WAIT for this console to come out. If it’s backwards compatible they’ve already got my cash. A few highlights: triple-core 3.2ghz CPU, 512mb of RAM, 500mhz ATI video card, dr00l. The console itself looks like a micro-atx system, controllers are wireless out of the box, I can’t believe the stats on this thing.

When the original Xbox came out I wasn’t very interested, I had a PS1, loved the PS2, and saw no reason to change. Then a buddy of mine needed cash, so he sold me his Xbox. I sold my PS2 1 week later. Bought the Xbox versions of all my PS2 games and never looked back. A simple fact about Xbox games is that they just look better than the PS2 version. Higher resolutions, framerates, more detailed textures, when a game comes out for both consoles it is rare that a developer will NOT make the Xbox version look better. Not to have 1up on the PS2, but just because the hardware is that much tougher. The original Xbox was simply a stripped down Pentium 3 computer system with an emphasis on gaming performance.

Now one thing about the original Xbox, it is fucking EASY to pirate games with it. It’s a computer like I said, cpu, hard drive, bios, embedded o/s, etc… They’ve got these little mod-chips with Linux on them that allow you to boot the unit to linux, install a bigger hard drive, and copy the games to the hard drive. One week at a rental store and you could have their entire collection. That’s a ton of money and a ton of liability that I am curious about… I wonder how Microsoft plans to 1-up the pirates, and if that is even possible. They were successful in keeping people from duping the discs (due to the encryption key used which has yet to be cracked) but piracy on the box is rampant to say the least. Heck, even I’ve considered modding my Xbox, but with the 360 coming out I’m likely going to trade it in or turn it into a web-server for this very site :).

I’m definitely looking forward to the new console. Some of the teasers I have seen are absolutely insane, I personally can’t wait to see the next GTA, and Forza Motorsport 2 for the 360. The line between reality and games has been blurred beyond recognition.

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