Parking Wars: Episode 3, BLOW ME.

I swear, my simple goal of keeping my stress to a minimum is completely impossible right now. I pull into my usual parking spot at the office which is in front of another building, and immediately get hailed that I can’t park there per the landlord. Folks, as I’ve stated on numerous previous occasions, the parking where I work is an absolute joke. My building with 50 employees gets maybe 20 spots. Each building in fact has about 20 spots in front of it. Now not all the buildings use all their spots, in fact hadn’t we parked there, the lot would be empty. So yet again we have to kowtow to another neighbor, and I have to park at one of the “larger” central lots which maybe offers 20-30 spots. Thing is, there’s this Realtor office here and when they have their weekly meetings, they completely dominate the lot with no consideration for anyone. Not only that, they hog the exit on their way out. So far I’ve had to wait in my car 15 minutes in my spot on a lunch break just for these idiots to clear out… and one day I had to sit again in my spot waiting another 20 minutes for them to clear before I could leave my office for the day. I just find it exceedingly absurd that the designers of this park could be so impotent when it comes to accommodating the fact that EVERYONE WHO WORKS HERE DRIVES HERE. What they need are at least 2 more BIG central lots. They need to CHARGE the realtors and FORCE them to use 1 specific lot, no other. They also need a TRAFFIC LIGHT at the exit of this park so that when these 30-40 separate cars need to leave at once, they can do it without having to wait for traffic on 17A. Last but not least, I recommended we get signs outside our office which state that parking is for employees and guests of my office only, and anyone else will be towed at their own expense. I just find it absolutely ridiculous that everyone else in this parking lot can park wherever they like without restraint, but my company which has been there longer than just about anyone else, and just moved in to a nice NEW bigger building, has to bend over and take it from all these other whiny little pricks.

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