Review – The Life Aquatic

Welp, yet another movie which at first glance appeared it might be funny and worth a rent… Nope. “The Life Aquatic” is a 119 minute waste of time. It’s a shame too, as one of my favorite comedy actors is Bill Murray, and it just seemed like this movie should have been called “Bill Murray, on Valium With Fish.” The story goes that his friend gets eaten by a shark which nobody has ever seen, and his goal is to find it and kill it. I figure, with Bill Murray in the lead, it should be a riot. Nope. Whatever toxic gas was pumping through the sound stage that fateful day when shooting started for this film took hold of all involved and drove them down to a level of mediocrity that only a Ralph Nader supporter could love. I guess “The Life Aquatic” could be defined as “Tantric Comedy.” I suppose full-release happened some time after the credits rolled…even then I’d be amazed if it was more than a giggle.

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