Star Wars Ep 3

Anyone else notice the CGI/Special effects on Anakin/Hayden’s mouth in a few scenes? When he and ObiWan enter the bridge of Grievous’s ship, and when he notifies the Jedi Master of Palpatine’s true identity… It looks like instead of re-shooting the scene, they simply re-shot Hayden’s mouth saying the new line or CG’ed his mouth to conform to the new words. Either way it didn’t work and it looked like Al Pacino’s mouth from the Dick Tracey movie. All in all, great flick, but I find the fine details is where it just comes up short. Course, only people like me notice them, so to everyone else its probably a fargin’ masterpiece.

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  1. Pam says:

    i didn’t enjoy Episode 3 at all. I was more disappointed with it than I was with 1 and 2. They are just missing the spark, the magic from the originals, and it won’t ever be there. And I was especially annoyed with the preformances of that weirdo who played Anakin and natalie Portman. I really expected more from her, and him, I think he got worse since the last one. Oh, and BTW, I enjoyed the Life Auatic, and I didn’t vote for Nader. So pbth(tounge) How’s your ass?

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