Pardon the break in posts, I’ve been laid up for a bit now. I’ve officially blown a month of gorgeous weather due to the fact that God’s ass is fucked up. We were all made in His image after all, so this one is on Him. I had surgery on Friday, was fun. They gave me some mix of Valium, Morphine, and some other stuff to knock me out. I don’t even remember being knocked out, just waking up in recovery, stoned out of my mind and craving French Fries. I didn’t get any fun pain killers, so following the surgeons advice I took Motrin. I find out later via WebMD that Motrin is Ibuprofen (I knew that) and Ibuprofen is based on Aspirin (didn’t know that) and post surgery you’re not supposed to take Ibuprofen or Aspirin cos it causes bleeding. Great. So today I picked up some extra strength Tylenol (which has a nice candy flavored coating now like Advil, woohoo, new headache snack!) and mixed with some Burger King breakfast, accelerated an eventual potty break. I stopped at the Grist Mill Cafe’ for lunch, was a spinach salad with walnuts and strawberries, wasn’t bad but I think something in the dressing didn’t agree with me cos 20 minutes later I was in trouble.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll be in fair enough shape to go to work, so I don’t keep burning up vacation days. I need some left for my shore trip and OzzFest.

In the mean-time I’ve been playing the Xbox release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas since the 7th, and I barely have half the map uncovered. I’m working on an eventual review but until then, the short version: FUCKING BUY IT.

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