Ah the sweet sound of corporate failure.

So legal downloads are rapidly approaching the level of surpassing illegal downloads. I wonder how many phone calls were made to try and stop this study from taking place or being released? After all, one of the key arguments made by the recording industry against downloads is that they’ve affected sales. I’m sure they have to some small extent, we can’t blame the consumers for growing a brain. The average cost of a blank CD is $.20, the cost of an iTunes track is $.99. The ability to get what you want and not pay for tracks and music that is just plain horrid: priceless. Seriously, the only time I buy a CD is if it is something I can’t find online, or its by an artist on a smaller label (like most of the \m/etal I listen to). This study is the death-knell of the old-school recording industry which still relies on the idiots at TransWorld who own FYE to support their bottom line by overcharging for music on compact disc. No wonder they’re suing everyone with a broadband link, their business model has failed and they’re too big to fix it now like they could have if they started say…10 years ago? Instead they’ve been trying to stop an avalanche by pissing in the snow.

More music consumers using legal downloads

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  1. Derek says:

    The only time I buy music is if I want the *whole CD* worth of stuff. In that case, since the “download cost” is usually about the same as the “meatspace retail cost”, I usually get the CD, so that I have a DRM-free version of the music to do what I want with should technology change down the road, etc., etc.

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