It’s for science…

So someone keyed my car while I passed him.

I put up a post on about it, and immediately had it shot down as IMPOSSIBLE by every idiot on the board (mainly trolls with nothing better to do than post inane responses, typical message board BS). I’ve practiced what it would take to key a passing car, I am convinced it can be done… so I need a 2nd car, and 2 volunteers to help me conduct an experiment.

I will have someone drive my car, I will be driving a compact sedan in front of them doing 55mph. They’ll pass me, and while my passenger videotapes the action, I will take a paint marker and “tag” my own car. My goal is to cut a line across my car from midway through the rear door to the tail-light, videotape it, and then post it into the thread on just to incite the idiots.

A couple of NECESSARY aspects to this video: Film the car with no damage or marks; film the speed of the car I am driving, then from the back seat of the car I am driving, have someone film the marker in my hand coming into contact with the passing car, all in one shot. I’m fairly certain that once I make this video, most people will simply accept that they are wrong, while the rest will sit and second-guess the video. They’ll look even more like idiots.

So, for the sake of Science (and primarily to annoy the living shit out of the trolls on Operation 213 is a go. I’ll keep you all posted, as I hope to accomplish this in the next few days.

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