Hillary “Rotten” Clinton strikes again…

Over the course of the past few weeks news has come to light about a modification in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game which allows the player to engage in salacious sexual congress with their virtual girlfriend.

Senators and media are up in arms. Hillary Rotten Clinton is calling for a probe. They want it to have a higher rating.

Typical Liberal knee-jerk bullshit. Mind you, in this game you can:
Steal any airplane including full size airliners.
Crash any airplane, even use the weapons to blow up motorists and civilians.
Execute Police and Military Officers at will, pay $50 to have your car repainted, then go and kill some more.
Steal any vehicle you want, run over people, hold up stores, etc…
You can even, dare I say it, spray graffiti.

…all that Hillary can talk about is virtual dry-humping in a video game. Good lord. If kids learn to dry hump they might stop masturbating…or even have sex! QUICK! TO THE MOONBAT CAVE!

I’m really starting to feel sorry for Bill, folks.

Clinton seeks video game sex scene probe

This is simply a play by Hillary to try and demonstrate her “family values” and make her more appealing to people who simply don’t know any better or were sound asleep from 1992 to present.

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