If there’s any doubt…

If there’s any doubt that the US media is complete garbage, let it be laid to rest…


It’s a story about Army PFC. Stephen Tschiderer who took a shot in the chest from a terrorist sniper, got back up, zero’ed in on the enemy, took them out, and then PROVIDED MEDICAL ATTENTION FOR THE BASTARD THAT JUST SHOT HIM. Mind you that’s my summation, there is much more to the story that needs to be read.

I guess I missed where they aired the story on the evening news. Shit, there’s probably going to be an in-depth expose on the cost of prescription drugs in Iraq now, if anything.

It makes me sick to know that every single day heroic acts take place in Iraq and all we hear stateside is the negative.

Hell, I watched CNN the other day and they actually had a report on blogs. Conveniently enough they only snipped one sentence out of context to completely backup their editorial position. Scum.

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