More fun with the Dodge…

So last night I install the new K&N FIPK (Fuel Injection Performance Kit) and take the Dodge out for a spin. The acceleration in the car across the range is unbelievable, the sound from the intake is intoxicating, and overall the thing just woke up the demon under my hood.

Course, what do we all do when we first wake up?

I pop the hood to check and make sure everything is still tight as far as what I installed, and find oil on everything on the passenger side of the engine bay… like SOAKED. I couldn’t spot where it came from, the oil level was 1 quart low, and so I took it easy from that point on. I spent at least an hour on and under the car with my brother trying to determine where the leak was coming from with no luck. I ran out of sunlight and decided to bring it to the dealership the next morning. In the mean time I ran it past the folks at to see if they had any ideas…

Morning comes, I get up at 6:30, head out to the car and see that the hose from the breather to the intake had actually split, and there was some oil beneath the breather. Ok, is that the problem? I cut away the damaged and of hose and reattach it… Take the same route I did the night before, get home, and again there is oil running down the compressor, spattered everywhere.

I get to the dealership, hang out for an hour and they determine that it is “blow by.” Essentially the intake is creating a vacuum strong enough to pull oil from the crankcase and spit it all over the engine bay. No other leaks are there. They recommend bypassing the breather (install a hose and point it at a clean spot to see if oil comes out on its own) and block the intake bung. I do that, and sure enough no more oil. The guy at Napa suggests I check out the PCV valve, as if it or the hose running to it are clogged, it could possibly create the blow by situation I was experiencing. I checked the PCV and there seemed to be plenty of vacuum, but I replaced it anyhow. The PCV hose had a couple layers of gunk on it as well so I replaced that.

With the breather detached I drove into work, checked it again and it was still dry. Later on or tomorrow I will reconnect the new breather hose (less likely to split) and see if the problem pops up again. Hopefully it shouldn’t. Now I’d like 1 day to go by without me getting under the hood of my car. Please?

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