New ride…

For the longest time I have been a through and through Dodge fan. I still am. However, being a Dodge fan has cost me a LOT of money over the past 10 years. I kept getting into the same situations, car is out of warranty, i’ve still got years of payments, and I’m pouring cash into it at an obscene rate. Now could I have just poured the money in, gotten everything fixed, and still been making payments on something that is out of warranty and exceedingly worth less every day… Or I could just invest my money in something that will hold its value and is under warranty.

My weapon of choice? A new ’05 VW GTI. Ok, now wipe all that coffee or soda you just spat all over your keyboard. Back when I was looking to sell off my first Intrepid, I had looked at the VW as a viable alternative. However back then I couldn’t afford it. When my favorable opinion of my Neon was fading, again I looked at VW but couldn’t afford it.

So here I am in a pretty shitty situation, yes I love my Dodge, but it is bankrupting me, literally. VW worked with me, paid off my Dodge loan and together we worked out a payment plan that will allow me to continue saving towards other goals (a new condo for example) and provide me steady predictable payments as well as a car which will hold its value through the time that I’m repaying the loan.

I’m still a Dodge fan, they’ll always be my favorite cars, but it was time for a change. Going by the number of older VW’s on the road still in great shape, I’m sure I’ll be happy with my decision for years to come.

That, and the thing is fast as fuck. HAH!

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