So since I’ve been driving a VW for nearly a week now, I’ve come to notice waves from other VW drivers, compliments from quite a few unexpected places (like the owner of a Shelby Cobra), etc… Today I pull through Unionville and out of nowhere this asshole in a turbo Jetta comes right up on my rear bumper. In a hatchback, that’s REAL fuckin close. I had taken one or two turns quick when I first saw him barreling up behind me, but then once he was on my bumper I realized this guy is really a friggin asshole. So I come up on an old Ford station wagon and hit the brakes… He immediately snaps off my rear bumper and stays back. I still ended up pulling off onto a back-road when I didn’t have to, the guy just made me nervous. Seriously, I get the comeraderie(sp?) between VW owners, but when the hell did that include nearly driving another one off the road? Ass.

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