Ok…fuck CarDomain

Yea so the intakes being returned due to ‘corrosion’ on the intake pipe and they say I should put a claim in to FedEx. Right. A big plastic pipe that is brand new is corroded. You know, a company is only as good as its service. The products could even suck, but if you’ve got outstanding customer service, they’ll make it work. This is a case of me spending $200 for something I wanted, waiting nearly 2 weeks for it to actually get to me, and then when I recieved it, not being satisfied and sending it back. They fucked me out of $200. So I’ll make it work.


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  1. Derek says:

    The answer there is “Yes, either you will take the charge off my credit card, and pay for the return shipping, or I will contact my credit card company, THEY will take the charge off my credit card, charge it back to you, and you’ll be even more screwed by the charge-back”.

    Your bank doesn’t care if the merchant makes money or not. Use them to your advantage. You’ve tried to work it out. The vendor refuses, let the bank do a charge-back.

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