Simple things… pick up a box, nix a design…

So I’m driving home from the office today, I decided to take the scenic route for a change… I’m scooting along in the GTI and 3 cars ahead a guy in a Grand Cherokee has come to a complete stop in the lane, hazards on, I have no idea why. So we wait there for a minute as oncoming traffic apparently isn’t concerned with whatever has this guy at a dead stop… he’s apparently trying to get around something… Then a guy in a Chevy S10 stops, gets out of his truck, grabs the 3×3 cardboard box and pitches it off the side of the road. Can’t figure out why the tool in the Jeep couldn’t have done it. I think he figured that out as once the box was clear, he took off like a bat out of hell. Putz.

Past few times I’ve driven past Country Chevy in Warwick, I’ve seen this hideous new truck parked out front. When I mean hideous, I mean it makes the Aztec look like best of show. Take a Dodge Durango, PT Cruiser, and throw them at a Chevy Trailblazer really fucking hard and you get the brand new Chevy HHR. What is it? A front wheel drive SUV with a Chevy Cavalier motor. I can’t find the actual weight of this monstrosity posted anywhere, but I can’t imagine this thing being able to compete with much in its class. I tell ya, I really hope that Chevy learns its lesson this time. It seems like all the manufacturers are beating their lines with the ugly stick. Dodge has the new Durango, VW has the new everything, and Chevy has the HHR. Glad I got mine when I did.

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