So I’m headed out to Dinner early this evening, when I get to the intersection of Pulaski and Cty 1. The light is green but I see a fire-truck approaching on Cty 1 from the right, so I stop. The idiot in the big brown shitty 1970s era cargo van behind me starts freaking out. Light turns red. He has to hang a right. So I’m waiting, and this dumb son of a bitch pulls out around me on the left, into the other lane, then hangs a right in front of me straight through the red light. Didn’t have emergency lights at all, just his right turn signal on. What a fucktard. I did ok though, in past times I may have torn after him and put in a ton of effort to both relieve my anger as well as point out how much of a tool he was.

So I get into Vernon, and there’s a Passat wagon in front of me. We get up to Vernon Crossing, both ready to turn left, only no… There is a plain old ordinary Ford Explorer 100 yards off. Yep, we better wait. I toot the horn, and the Passat pulls forward a bit only to stop again nearly past the intersection. I say fuck it and hang a left, getting in front of the Explorer who eventually took the turn (and was subject to a yeild sign I might add) and the Passat. Not sure what a Cop would say, but technically the idiot in the Passat missed the intersection… 🙂

Ah fuck it, who cares. Everyone’s an asshole.

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