Weird dreams…weird awakenings…

So I had this real weird dream this morning, had the gray feeling of mid to late October, suburban streets, big houses… Anyhow I left my BMW running in the road for a minute, while the tech guy from Sum of All Fears was trying to break into James Wood’s house (he was in his role from The Professional) and do something. I can’t remember if he was trying to steal something, trying to find something, etc… But it was on our second trip to the house where I came back outside and found the car was gone. Since it was a dream, I knew the chop shop down the street probably had it. I get there and theres a Mexican and a kid who was the thief who play dumb when I ask about the car… that is until I mention the 850lbs of explosives in the trunk still on an active timer. “Oh damn, thats why it was so slow, Dogg.” So I offer to kill the timer, they give me the keys and we make it out to the car which is already damaged heavily. I get in the driver seat, the theif gets into the passenger seat, and then I proceed to start driving through houses, jump from and through each house and roof until I get to the other side of the block and the passenger ends up laying naked on the ground in a bloody heap.

Then I wake up to the sound of a trailer falling through my yard. Outside my window is a massive cherry-picker truck, the size of a Semi, it was pulling a big red chipper on it which apparently found an old root-cellar that everyone had forgotten about. I saw the truck get yanked to a stop and first thought he either hit the house or my landlord’s truck.

Morning like this kinda reminds me why I don’t go to the club that much anymore.

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