A little rant…

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’d like to say that the relative intelligence of a community can be determined wholly on the number of stop signs and traffic lights in the community. Case in point, 3 years ago this month I moved out of my parents house and got an apartment in the rural community of Pine Island, NY. When I left, there were 4 stop signs and one yield sign (ASS) in my parent’s development.

Yesterday I stop at the old homestead and on my way back out there’s not one, not two, not four, but a total of 8 stop signs. They even removed the yield sign and replaced it with a stop sign.

Of course this weekend Warwick has its Applefest celebration, where 40,000 rubes are duped into invading the town, and sadly a fair number of them decide to stick around and eviscerate the quaintness of the area which attracted them by building nice new barn sized homes 2 feet from each other.

Traffic on Saturday was already chocked full of morons, I don’t see how people should have licenses when they are wholly incapable of driving at the speed limit. It took me 10 minutes to get to the laundromat from my parent’s house yesterday when it should have taken less than 5 due to the increased number of stop signs (apparently a single resident can now request them, how about one at each driveway so that when they’re waiting with their kid in a nice warm idling SUV 40 feet from the front door, motorists can stop and admire their stupidity again, and again, and again) and some moron in a PT Cruiser who insisted on driving 15mph as well as taking turns at less than 1mph.

Driving back to town I always have to laugh as I pass the Pulpit rock property at the intersection of West St and County 1… It sits there, overgrown with weeds and vegetation while across the street another batch of barn-sized homes go up where a farm used to be. Cracks me up that a few years back the yuppies of Warwick threw a fit to protect the boulder across the street from the evil Library that wanted to move out of their ever-crowding building. Now more of these cookie-cutter idiots move into Warwick likely to complain about the size of the library (that of course depends on whether or not they even know what a book is) but I’m sure they’ll vote down any chance to expand or relocate the library…because it’s a landmark.

It never ceases to amaze how quickly Warwick will rise up in protest to any commercial expansion that would remove a ‘green gateway’ but will sit back in silence as barns full of NIMBY’s (That’s Not-In-My-Back-Yard to my Liberal friends) move in and destroy what??? GREEN GATEWAYS.

One last question… Why the heck does Warwick raise the price of water to fund the purification equipment as a result of the invading yuppie hordes for all residents? It makes no sense to me. If I use 100 gallons a month between my shower, toilet, and coffee pot I’d be amazed. Down the street there could be a family of 5 using 1000 gallons a month. Why should we pay at the same rate? Shouldn’t they pay more because they use more? I’m not using any more of the equipment than I was before, so why should I pay more? Hell, with all the Libs moving in I’m amazed they haven’t volunteered to pay more to help offset the plight of us poor-folk living in the dirt. Oh that’s right… no controlling legal authority…but I digress.

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