Tis the season for migraine headaches…gah.

I can’t say I know exactly why I’ve gotten two serious migraines in the past two weeks but something I can say for sure is it never occurred when I was smoking. Sure, I got them when I was a kid, but once I lit up for the first time, no more migraines, no more serious headaches to be perfectly honest. Something I learned awhile back is that all migraines have what is called an ‘aura’ or some symptom which identifies the onset of a migraine. For me, it was always floating sparkles that I would tend to notice while trying to read… They’d block out the letters until I couldn’t read. If I did nothing, which for the first few years was all I knew to do, I’d effectively go blind for anywhere from 15-30 minutes, and have a mind-numbing headache for at least an hour. The best way to describe the sensation was if someone managed to slowly wrap a crowbar around my head. So as time went by I learned that if I took 2 aspirin (nothing else worked) at the aura, the spots, and relaxed for 15 minutes or so with my eyes shut, I could completely avoid the blindness as well as the migraine headache. So last Tuesday at work I start seeing the spots while working on one of the servers. Nobody in the entire building had anything with Aspirin in it, and my own supply was depleted. That left me out of commission for about an hour, and blind for a good 30 minutes. Ok, it was a fluke. Then yesterday I’m driving home from NJ and over the course of 15 seconds I lose about ¾ of my eyesight. Made for a real interesting ride home. Only thing I could guess is that since I haven’t smoked in nearly a year, this is the first Autumn i’m experiencing without smoke, my sinuses are paying the price.

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