I can’t quite say I have ever seen a movie where afterwards, everyone had the same confused look on their face. Decided to see the movie “Stay” today to avoid the rain for a bit, I honestly think this movie is quite possibly the biggest mind-fuck I’ve seen yet. The movie opens up with Henry, a disturbed college student recovering from a violent car accident where his mother and father were killed, showing up to find that his usual shrink isn’t there. Instead, Sam, played by Ewan MacGregor is there, and after Henry reveals his decision to commit suicide, makes it his mission to help Henry. Sounds simple enough, but then things get weird… Time loops, Henry can predict the future, and people thought to be dead seemingly are not. The acting makes the best of the plot which for lack of a better description is completely off its fucking rocker. It almost seems like an M Night Shamalayan type film, only his are actually easy to follow and don’t confuse the viewer much. The twist at the end really isn’t all that groundbreaking, it makes an attempt to satisfy the curiosity and cure the confusion, but fails thoroughly. Feel free to check it out, but I’d recommend waiting a few months and renting it, so you can watch if a few times like I will to see if this movie was really brilliant or still just a confusing failure.

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