Where’s the common courtesy?

Now while I’m one of th emerry few who still believes that respect must be earned, it does not mean that I am discourteous. I am courteous until I am given a reason to be discourteous. This morning my gf and I decided to go to IHOP, we get there, are walking in, when the asshole in front of us looks back, sees us, and lets the door shut. Guy just held it for his family, no reason he couldnt have held it long enough for me to grab it.

Tonight I’m at a local bar. Theyve got a barback running around picking up empty drinks. Guy grabs mine before I’m done with it, it’s a double and there was at least 1/3 left. So I go catch up with him, get his attention, and tell him (shouting due to the band playing) “NEXT TIME YOU TAKE SOMEONES DRINK MAKE SURE THEYRE DONE WITH IT FIRST.” He responds “Ok, I will” and that is that. But no, this bald fuck next to me decides to butt in, tell me to calm down, that its a Saturday night and everyone is trying to have a good time, that I should’nt take it so seriously.

WHAT THE FUCK? Part of being courteous, is minding your own fucking business. Responses ran through my mind then I finally got him to lean in “Do you hear the loud band playing?” “Yes” “Did you think for a moment that I could have been shouting so the guy could hear me over them? I’m not pissed off, just annoyed, mind your own business.” So the guy offers to buy me a drink and I walked off. The barback actually got me a new drink which was fine… but where is the simple damned courtesy? I said what I had to, the guy heard me, and I was turning to walk off. Keep your fucking mouth shut and drink your drink.

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