Ok, enough MySpace…

So far I’ve put in 2 requests to cancel my MySpace account and have gotten no-where. Apparently I am supposed to get a confirmation email to confirm my decision, as of yet I haven’t gotten anything and its a little annoying because I want out. It was fun while it lasted but I waste a little too much time there. Besides, I’m trying to cut the amount of technology I use in my off time, so every little bit helps.

Should be able to remove the cast off my hand and forearm the Monday after next. The sooner the better. My skin is dry and itchy, and I am allergic to just about every moisturizer on the market (glycerin). I can’t really wash the hand so the skin has steadily been drying up. Once the cast is off, I need to band the pinkie and index fingers together so to get them moving like they should again. Hopefully any rotational deviation is minimal so everything still works like it used to.

Went out to see Saw II yesterday, wasn’t better or worse than the first, I’d say it definitely ranks up there. All the fodder for Jigsaw is up to par, even when they start dropping. Still, one of the highlights that really carried the movie was:

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Who managed to keep her nipples popping out of her shirt in just about every scene. I’m shallow, I’ll admit it. Still, Saw 2 is never short on gore or suspense, another one of those films which seems to have a goal of evolving the horror genre which it does expertly while staying true to its roots.

Went to the Forest of Fear last night in Sterling Forest, what a fucking waste of time and money. $18 to get in, a few Carnie rides and games, and a 40 minute line to the lamest fucking hauntest house I’ve ever seen. Sure the sets were great, but the acting blew. They’d be well advised to contact the Castle Grill in Hamburg, NJ for a list of their previous Haunted Castle employees, might have a better chance of not just scaring the little girls. They had a smaller area which mainly consisted of a smoke filled maze. Didn’t scare me either. Mind you I appreciate a good scare, but for $18 I expect to at least get a chill beyond what the outside air caused.

Then this morning at 9:30am, FUCKING TELEMARKETER. I need to buy a new TeleZapper.

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