Had enough? Think Change. Think Democrat. ~smirk~

So the other night I received an email from one of my readers which attempted to make the claim that the recent indictment of Scooter Libby and continuing investigation of Karl Rove was on the same level as Watergate, scandal wise. Even the subject of the email was “President Bush’s Watergate.”

So I read the article. I laughed. I watched the video, and laughed some more.

As I sat and read the quotes, observing the glee of investigating Karl Rove and indicting Scooter Libby… I scratched my head in confusion… Was there a point to this?

The video starts out with a montage of Richard M. Nixon and Watergate imagery. Then its first claim: “In 2003, “senior White House officials” leaked the name of an undercover CIA operative as part of a political smear campaign over Iraq intelligence.” Is this true? After two years of investigation, independent counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has yet to prove that crime of leaking even took place. So we have accusations of a crime with no evidence in alleged retaliation of the actions of Joe Wilson. Two years have passed and all they have done is indict Scooter Libby. Now I’m not downplaying the seriousness of this indictment one bit, however, if after 2 years of investigation you still have NO EVIDENCE that the crime you were investigating even took place…*cough* BULLSHIT?

“At the CIA’s Request, a Federal Investigation Was Launched.” So “the CIA believed there may have been a crime committed, and referred it to the Justice Department.” That’s from Joe Wilson’s mouth… Seemingly the only portion of the video backed up by fact.

Next, the video moves to an episode of Hardball with Chris Matthews where former RNC chair Ed Gillespie states “to reveal the identity of an undercover CIA operative is abhorrent, it should be a crime and it is a crime.” Then Chris Matthews chimes in… “That’d be worse than Watergate, wouldn’t it?”

Sorry folks, I always get misty at a birth, even if its just the birth of a really fucking lame talking point.

Who really knows? 2 years of investigating has provided no evidence. Joe Wilson himself has stated “She was not a clandestine officer at the time that that article in Vanity Fair appeared.” So she’s not undercover, even the former covert who was her boss Fred Rustmann stated that her neighbors and friends knew it. Anyone could have leaked it, and after 2 years not even independent counsel Patrick Fitzgerald knows who leaked it.

“President Bush promised to fire anybody involved.” True, he did in fact do that. It’s a shame nobody can prove who was involved after 2 years of investigating, not even independent counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. “…Yes, and thats up to the US Attorney to determine the facts,” Bush replies when questioned if he will still stand by his decision to fire anyone involved. I’m sure if Fitzgerald actually proved it, heads would roll. While the video hopes to use the fact nobody has been fired as a sign of weakness, to the rest of us, that is integrity.

The video continues…Ah yes, Rolling Stones music, montage…Libby INDICTED. Rove, UNDER INVESTIGATION. It’s a regular Left Wing Political ORGASM! ‘“The disclosure of Ms.Plame’s name was an unprecedented and shameful event in American history and, in our professional judgment, has damaged U.S. National security.” — 10 Former CIA officers in a Letter to Speaker Hastert.’

I agree fully, and the day they prove someone actually leaked it, I’m all for convicting the fuck out of them.

The video closes out with an 7 year old clip of George Sr…why? I bet it gave some Lib genuine chills… then the true gem:

“Had enough? Think Change. Think Democrat.”

Had enough? Can’t say I’ve had enough of baseless charges which are still unproven and lack any evidence that the crime even took place after 2 years of investigating. Every time the Left opens their mouth they end up choking on shoelaces.

Think Change? What, like the 8 years we were led by President Clinton and got to hear what Watergate sounded like with an ‘s’ on the end? Not fucking likely.

Think Democrat? Every fucking time I throw the lever towards another Republican victory.

Here’s a link to the video: http://www.dccc.org/video/libby_indicted.wmv

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