It’s bad enough they take too many items to the express lane…

For the past few years I’ve enjoyed the self-checkout technology at the supermarket which allows me to buy and bag my purchase in significantly less time than any pimple-faced brat could. It amazes me how there are always people who do not know how to keep something simple, or when to give up. Out of 3 available self-checks, #1 had a woman who couldn’t figure out how to purchase some vegetables, repeatedly ignoring the voice and screen prompts so she could get huffy with the clerk. #2 had another woman who for some reason had trouble paying with her credit/debit card, so she had repeatedly canceled and re-processed her order. #3 had a guy with at least 60 items in his cart plus a rug-rat. I stuck to line #3 and waited the 5 minutes or so it took the gentleman to process his purchase. It took me all of 30 seconds to process mine, all the while lines 1 and 2 were still held up by a pair of morons who should have learned their lesson and just went to the normal checkout. There are much better things to get stressed over.

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