Words to the wise like light to the blind…

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, so Lord Acton warned. The words hold undeniably true in many facets of our society, none so obvious as the music industry. I was forced into an uncontrollable fit of joy earlier today when I read that Sony BMG has suspended the use of their short-sighted solution to music piracy. This is what obviously happens when management ignores the resident geeks… as there had to be at least one voice of reason ignored who saw the dangers of attempting something this sneaky in the Internet age. In a failed attempt to prohibit music piracy, Sony BMG released several albums with a new form of copy protection. which would prohibit the playback and reproduction of protected content. The mistake Sony made was using software called a “Rootkit” to hide it. Just as easily as the modifications made by the Rootkit hid the software, it also opened up the door to hide viruses. Big fucking mistake. They’re now subject to several lawsuits, I can only imagine how much damage has already been done to the computers of innocent music fans. If the music industry wants to put a dent in piracy, try lowering the fucking price already.

Sony BMG suspends copy-protection software

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