Chase can blow me.

In July I ordered a cold air intake for my car from CarDomain. I used it for a day and sent it back. They refused the return because it was returned in “unsaleable condition” due to corrosion. The plastic was not corroded at all. They said I should complain to FedEx. I returned the part like I got it, played by their rules, and they screwed me. So I started a dispute with my creditor, after 30 days they credited me. 2 weeks later they rescind the credit, saying I should have complained to the shipper. This is how they treat a customer of 10 years? The intake is fine, I sold it 2 weeks ago to a guy in Wyoming and it’s working perfect on his Dodge. So I paid off the card on Monday, they send me a letter today saying “We noticed you made a large payment to us lately, we hope we’re not losing your business!” I hear that credit card companies will do a lot to try and keep a customer, Perhaps if they can give me my $200 back… I won’t tell them to lick my knot after I cancel the card.

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