Silly Libs.

This sort of thing makes me laugh. Back when all the Liberal elite in Hollywood made their stand against defending our nation, one of the Left who actually left (unlike Alec Baldwin who was misunderstood) was Johnny Depp.

Depp Says U.S. Is Like ‘Dumb Puppy,’ ‘Broken Toy’

Well I guess reality has come full circle for Mr.Depp.


What’s a matter Johnny Boy, miss the comfort and security of a country filled with gun-toting idiots whose cars and businesses haven’t been on fire for weeks, while its leaders hide in villas? Shit, even GW was at ground zero while the ground still smoked. Here’s a bit of advice, Johnny Boy, pick a country that’s actively fighting terrorism instead of sitting back in the hopes they’ll run out of things to burn. Find the biggest gated community with the most well armed security service, and fucking move there.

Then stop by my house, and while I bend over after a hearty shit, KISS MY STINKY KNOT YOU SPINELESS DOUCHEBAG.

Man, I wish one day to have enough money that I’m as oblivious as our elite members of the entertainment industry.

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