Turkeys and Glass….

VW had my car on Friday to replace the rear window, hatch lock, and actuator. I had to pick it up at the glass place after it had taken all day. Up till then I was pleased with the service I got. They hooked me up with a loaner, Nissan Sentra (car had no balls, was depressing), everything was warrantied so I didn’t have to pay anything. I get to the glass place, kid is just starting to put the back door back together, glass is already in, but the wiper and inside trim panels aren’t there. I wait a few as he bangs things to place, and head on my way. I take a few tight corners and I hear a swishing sound in the back, sounds like sockets rattling around loose in the spare tire compartment. I pay it no mind until I get home, open the hatch, and hear something fall to the ground. Glass. Loose fucking glass. I had places to be so I cleaned up what I saw, spent some time today cleaning it up, effectively filled an 8oz container with glass. Looks like the dipshit who swapped out the window smashed the old one in order to remove it. Not a problem if he covers everything and cleans out the extra glass. Tack on the fact that the trim panel on my drivers door now clicks if I rest my elbow on it… Should be a fun morning tomorrow. Its bad enough I had to wait all fucking day to get my car back, but to have to clean up after shoddy work on top of it… Unfuckingbelievable.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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