I’ve got some global warming right between my cheeks.

What passes for news these days… and that people actually buy into it… amazes me. Headline reads “Global warming 55 million years ago shifted ocean currents.” Interesting lead… The story would have us believe that “[the finding] strengthens modern-day concern about climate change.” Hmm… I don’t think there was such a thing as a Ford Excursion 55 million years ago… Dinosaur farts maybe?

Through “painstaking reconstruction” the scientists are unclear of what caused the temperature change and subsequent shift in ocean currents. It could have been volcanoes, dinosaur farts, or perhaps dangerous greenhouse gases from the lost city of Atlantis.

The scientists stress that this event 55 million years ago is a “lesson for mankind today” and they warn us that modern fossil fuel emissions are near what they were 55 million years ago.

So 55,000,000 years ago the climate may or may not have drastically changed (if you consider 40,000 years of change drastic) for reasons which are unknown, but all that the scientists can say with certainty is that modern man in a mere 200 years has effected the same climate change?

I’m sorry folks, but the Liberal agenda is absurd regardless of who is spouting it and whatever nonsense they use to back it up. 40 years ago we were headed for an ice age. 20 years ago were headed towards massive flooding. Now again we’re at another ice age. Shit, next thing you know there’ll be a Volcano in the middle of Beverly Hills…

The idea that we have caused global warming by the burning of fossil fuels, the use of hair spray and air conditioning, or even bovine flatulence is patently idiotic. The only idea which is more idiotic is that we can do anything to stop a force of nature we had absolutely nothing to do with starting.

Global warming 55 million years ago shifted ocean currents

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