Some shit just doesn’t make sense.

Can’t say I’ve ever been physically depressed by a television show. Even those wacky World War Two specials on The History Channel manage to evoke a chuckle now and again…but I digress.

A couple years back, Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) brought out of no-where a space western. Sounds odd. Real odd. Probably why I didn’t watch it, or at least catch on to it until it was too late.

So a week or two back, I rent Serenity, the movie based on the series Firefly. Holy crap. This is great!

Then I find out the show was canceled. Made absolutely no sense to me.

Picked up the show via Netflix, and when I finished the last episode on the last disc, I seriously felt depressed. The show was outstanding, the plots unrivaled, and the characters were just so real that even now I wonder where the series could have gone.

As far as I’m concerned, Fox may as well have cancelled Buffy and Angel. God knows how much these suits have made off the creative talents of Joss Whedon, that they jumped so quickly to cancel Firefly is beyond my ability to comprehend. Hell, I didn’t even like Buffy until Season 4, and then I was hooked enough to back-track through the previous seasons and catch up…investing a big chunk of change in the DVD’s, and always putting forth the effort to watch the reruns on Spike, the WB, etc… Whatever channel it was on, I watched it.

Maybe the mistake was trusting Fox at all… Whatever happened to the network of Married with Children? If anything, Fox broke the mold when they came about, taking chances on shows the other networks scoffed at. Heck, even their news channel in a matter of a few years has completely destroyed the other major cable news networks.

Sadly, Fox is now just another member of an entertainment industry which has put greed before entertainment. I could spend an entire evening watching the tripe that these jackasses call quality television and none of it would amount to the same effect evoked by a single episode of Firefly.

I know fans like myself would like the show to come back… even if it did, it would be one hell of an accomplishment to eclipse the giant Season 1 of Firefly has become in the hearts and minds of the fan-base.

Good job, Fox. This fart’s for you.

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