See what happens when a Lib paper reports the truth?

My friends, as luck would have it I caught yet another shining example of exactly why the Democrats keep dropping the ball, losing elections and voters every day. The Democrat party has seemingly become an institution, a religion, and its followers are just as fanatical and dedicated as the Islamists who detonate themselves every day in the Middle East.

The other day, Washington Post ombudsman Debora Howell was verbally eviscerated by dedicated Liberals in the Washington Post blog system. The onslaught of name-calling and personal attacks achieved a level so great that the Post actually shut off their comment system.

What happened? What did Howell say that evoked such wrath from the Libs? She simply stated fact. Jack Abramoff paid both Democrats and Republicans. The only side of the story which had gotten any media play was the payoffs to Republicans. IMHO if any Republicans took any money which affected their decision making, they should be convicted and jailed. Still, you can’t jail Jesus Christ, Mohammed, or even Buddha.

My point being, instead of evoking outrage from the Left at the reporter and the newspaper for the mere mention of impropriety by prominent Democrats as Christian Groups would at a radio show who aired sexual intercourse in a cathedral… The outrage should be directed at those Democrats who took the money. That won’t happen of course as in the eyes of most Liberals, the Republicans are Capitalist Pigs who must be defeated by any means not involving a ballot box, and the Democrats can do no wrong.

Do they still wonder why they’re losing?

Paper Shutters Blog After Ombudsman Post
How Abramoff Spread the Wealth

Polticians suck. Political idealogy shouldn’t be an excuse for corruption. If the Republican Party is a sign of a “Culture of Corruption” it must be due to the fact they actually take responsibility for their misdeeds which generally hurt only themselves. I’m curious as to what Left is so eager to hide.

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