So 3 years ago I had made a donation to the NYS PBA over the phone. Big mistake. Apparently when you donate over $100 to any organization like that, they sell your name and number off to anyone and everyone looking for donations for firefighter organizations, ambulance drivers, etc… I’ve since made similar donations anonymously, but the harrassment hasn’t stopped.

Sure, I’ve got a telezapper which clears away most telemarketers. I’ve also got my telephone number on the Do Not Call registry. Still, at least 3-4 times a month one of these organizations calls me, and its always the same…

It rings, Caller ID says Out of Area. I answer, silence… HELLO? Hello? HELLO? Uh, Sam?

Immediately I know who and what it is, I cut him off halfway through his introduction and ask for his name, the company’s name, and the telephone number for the company. I flat out tell the jerk that I’m on the Do Not Call Registry, and his company will be fined for this. “Well you helped us out a year ago.” No, I did not. 3 years ago I made a donation to a completely different organization, not this latest Firefighter one. So I get his information, thank him, then head over to the registry site to file a complaint.

More people should do this. Don’t just hang up, if you’re on the list, take advantage of the situation. Get the number, the name of the company, and the name of the caller. If places like these get fined enough to trump any donation they receive, they’ll be a little more selective of who they call and not use the same bullshit tactics to evoke a donation.

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