Bitten by the bug…

Last week I decided to make use of the 10 day World of Warcraft pass a friend of mine passed on, and it has me hooked. I’ve got every intention of picking up WoW this coming weekend and signing up to join the fray for $15 a month. Now by this point we’ve all had our dealings with virtual online communities, hotornot, myspace, etc… The failure there is that everyone has a face… Anonymity doesn’t seem to exist anymore. That being said, I see WoW (That’s World of Warcraft for those of you in Warwick, in case you missed it) is the future of the Internet. Real virtual online communities which offer a full opportunity to react in live streaming action. Sure, I might be stating the obvious to most, but for myself the realization came in that complete anonymous strangers were meeting to accomplish in-game goals… I’m more than certain these folks have also developed relationships outside the box.

Rumor has it the next version of Grand Theft Auto will offer a similar experience. I can only imagine what it would be like to interact with hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a virtual world like that… Should be a wild ride.

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