The State of The Radio Shack

When the Hell did the folks at Radio Shack become so clueless?

On my lunch break I ran over to the local RS to pick up some F connectors for the cable run at my apartment. I’m in the video aisle, find the splitter I need (to replace the old wet one) and a male-male connector. I also grab a coax cable stripper for good measure. Now I’m looking for some F connectors (the little metal bits that screw onto the back of the tv-set and cable box). After looking for about 5 minutes a rep comes over and asks me if I need assistance. I tell him what I’m looking for, he takes a quick look at either side of the aisle, flat out says they have none, and walks away.

So I figure i’ll try another Radio Shack for the rest of what I need. I walk around the corner and see one of those lovely shelving unit full of little adapters and plugs and whatnot. Top drawer is full of different types of F connectors in pouches of 10.

No more than 5 years ago if I walked right up to the counter and asked for a specific product, I could get pointed in the right direction. Now I suppose they assume we’re all psychic and can sense where the parts are.

Maybe we’re so devout that God comes down from Heaven and gives the product a Divine glow.

There’s a little something called product knowledge, now before Radio Shack specialized in cellphones and overpriced radio controlled behemoths, they used to employ people with a little something I like to call BRAINS.

If you do not know what is on the shelves, if you have no product knowledge, you shouldn’t be representing the company.

Lastly, when a customer comes in complaining about crap cellphone reception on a phone they just purchased the other day, YOU DO NOT BASH THEM WHEN THEY LEAVE WHILE CUSTOMERS ARE BROWSING THE STORE.


At least I know where people go after Wal-Mart doesn’t work out.

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