iO. iiiO. Cable gone and I wanna watch my show.

So thus far I’m having some trouble seeing the point of this iO digital cable from Cablevision. Now I didn’t want it to begin with. I had planned on purchasing cable from my local telephone company, as their pricing is a bit more reasonable. Still, progress is what it is, so Monday night Cablevision disabled the remote control interfaces on their legacy boxes. Tuesday my landlord delivered my new box. It’s made by Sony and roughly the same size as my 5-disc DVD player.

The instructions were simple enough, plug it in, turn it on, and let it update. Should take 5 minutes.

I repeat, should take 5 minutes.

Now I’m not 100% sure as to whether its the cable run to my house, or the cable run at my house, but it literally took ALL NIGHT before I could even turn the box on. The UPDATING procedure took multiple runs from 0% to 100% before completing at some point between 2am and 7am. That left me with a “Please Wait” both on the display of the unit as well as my television set. No idea how long that would take, but as I’ve already missed American Idol and the State of The Union address, the evening was a total loss television-wise.

So I checked out the cable-run at my house, and it is the most ingenious wiring I’ve ever seen. The cable run starts at the left side of the house, runs across the roof to the right side of the house, then splits externally through the windows of both my and my landlord’s apartments. The splitter itself was submerged in a wet heap, and there’s an abundance of coaxial cable all over the place.

Not sure as to whether he plans on having Cablevision come out to set these boxes up, but I’ll be stocking up on coax ends and whatnot so I can rewire. If I miss Smallville this week…

Oh yes… There will be blood.

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