A good hard swat always takes out a tangled web.

I’ve said for quite some time that the RIAA (That’s the Recording Industry Accountants of America, for those of you in Pike County, PA) has engaged in battle on a very slippery slope. Simply put, they cannot stop suing people. Maybe a few years ago when they started, they could have… But now, they literally cannot stop. If tomorrow they said “Piracy has stopped, and so have we.” They would be screwed. If tomorrow they said “We’ve decided to stop suing people.” They’d be screwed. The very moment those jerks stop suing people, they themselves will be sued straight out of business.

That being said, when I read the case of Elisa Gruebel I became elated. Elisa’s a 15 year old Avril Lavigne fan who recently was sued by the RIAA for downloading Avril Lavigne songs off the Internet. What makes this case unique however is that she’s fighting back… with the help of Avril Lavigne’s record label.

Mark my words folks, big music is a dying industry and the RIAA will soon be on the defense on an undeniably massive scale.

Lavigne label defends ‘file-sharer’

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